[XTET Screenshot]


XTET is not really a stand-alone game, it was one of the four arcade minigames from the adventure game GAG, the hardest one, and was released seperately for publicity. As a consequence, it does not really have a fixed name. I have named it XTET, because that is the name that appears in the title bar, but it is also known as X-Tetris, X-Tet, or Sex Tetris

The concept of XTET is absolutely unique. Instead of blocks there are people gliding down, male and female, whom you have to arrange so that they can, uh, shag. They will do so in a short animation (with sound), whereafter they vanish. And of course, once they pile up to the top, the game is over.


  • Developer: Auric Vision
  • Year: 1996
  • Country of Origin: Russia


  • XTET (1.72 MB, ZIP)


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