[Bricklayer v1.5 Screenshot]

Bricklayer v1.5

A Windows port of the author's own Tetris Max, nothing more, nothing less. You can configure the keys, but can't set them to the most natural choice, the arrow keys, which is a bit weird. The game plays well under XP, though it is rather tiny on a modern desktop, of course.

The music of this game comes not in the usual MIDI, but in wave format. This has the advantage that it will sound as intended even on a simple Soundblaster, on the other hand it makes the music rather repetitive. Wave files are big. Even as it is (the longest sample is 30 seconds) they take up half of the archive size.

Bricklayer can run on a 16-color desktop as well. The pieces have less than 16 colors anyhow and look little different. Unfortunately, there are no seperate background graphics, so these look rather bad.


  • Author: Steve Chamberlin
  • Year: 1994
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Needs: BWCC.DLL



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