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Same Game 1.11E

The Windows version of SameGame was created Ikuo Hirohata, who is also the author of Nankin. It was first released in August 1993 and translated to English by Hitoshi Ozawa in 1994, the current English release is from February 1995. It features:

  • An optional 2515 playing field for those with 800600 desktops, otherwise gameplay is not subject to configuration.
  • Two tilesets, panels with letters (as in the Unix version) and marbles. No further tilesets can be added.
  • An undo function. You can only trace back one step.
  • The formula for scoring is n²–3n+4, n being the number of tiles removed in a given turn.


  • Concept: SameGame
  • Author: Ikuo Hirohata
  • Translation: Hitoshi Ozawa
  • Year: 1995
  • Country of Origin: Japan



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