[Reversi 3.11 Screenshot]

Reversi 3.11

Reversi was the first game to be included with Windows, right at the beginning in 1985. It stayed there, mostly unchanged, until 3.0, when it was joined by Solitaire. In 3.1, it was replaced by the famous Minesweeper, but Microsoft gave it a makeover and offered it as a free download.

While the graphics were new, they retained the old scalability. It always starts in a window half the screen width. Above you see the smallest size to which the window can be resized. Click on it and see it maximized at 640480.

The AI is quite strong, though the lower difficulty settings have probably been toned down in comparison to earlier versions.


  • Concept: Othello
  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Year: 1993
  • Country of Origin: USA



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