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From the Readme:

Klotski is an ancient Polish game that provides mathematical problems in the form of a small wooden game board with various sized blocks. Developed in Poland by an artist and mathematician, the computer game Klotski is patterned after the ancient original game, which in Polish is called Klocki, or blocks. The blocks on the original game board could be arranged into puzzles in which a master block had to be freed to solve the puzzle. The object of the computer game is to free the master block, in as few moves as possible. The computer scores you on the number of moves it takes to solve a puzzle and the score can be used to compete with other Klotski players! There are 24 mind-boggling games and a special editor to allow you to create your own Klotski games!


  • Concept: Klotski
  • Developer: ZH Computer
  • Year: 1991
  • Country of Origin: Poland


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