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It is quite amusing to compare Peter Donnelly's Jotto with Mark Pilgrim's Jotto ][ for the Macintosh. Basically, they are of course the same game. You have a limited number of guesses to find out a five letter word, the computer tells you how many letters are correct, but, unlike Mastermind, not if they are in the correct position. In Jotto, the words may contain each letter only once; in Jotto ][, there is no such restriction.

Jotto ][ looks a whole lot better, but Jotto has far more advanced features. With the letter buttons, you can keep track of which letters are confirmed and which can be excluded. Click a button once, the letter is struck out and vanishes from the "Possible" alphabet. Click it another time, it becomes bold and is listed under "Confirmed". Click it a third time, and it goes back to possible. As for the big text field, it seems to be just a place for personal notes.

I couldn't say which game is "better" or more fun to play. But I think both games nicely show the priorities of their respective platforms.


  • Author: Peter Donnelly
  • Year: 1996
  • Country of Origin: Canada


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