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From the Readme:

Imagine playing tetris under influence of LSD, but without the LSD.

There are 3 different modes, singleplayer, two pit and tetroid. Two pit is a standard 1v1 mode, and tetroid is a standard 1 versus computer. In the two player modes (two pit and tetroid) tetripz offers so called 'mana-effects' to irritate your opponent even more. Your amount of mana power rises whenever you score more than one line at a time. Hit your mana key at the right moment to swap your oppenents keys, give him a pitquake or a heavy block, whatever…

Tetripz also offers 5 different stages (set in OPTIONS). These stages correspond to different drugs. We have coffee, ganja, 2CB, LSD and DMT. All of these can be played in ten different doses, varying from '1' to 'overdose'. When you start to play, you'll see tetris as if you had actually taken this drug…

There are eleven different songs inside this –100k exe. Every level is completely music synchronised, with the screen bumping up and down, rotating, zooming, lenzes or lights moving over, beautiful graphics and cewl music-synchro.


  • Developer: Mute Fantasies
  • Year: 1998
  • Country of Origin: Belgium



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