[Ungaria Screenshot]


According to the author, Ungaria is the millennium Magyar game, but he gives no further explanations. Gameplay has been described well in a Gamespot review of a later (commercial?) Windows remake by Argos:

You begin with an empty grid and are dealt a finite series of colored squares. Each square is divided into four sections, each of which can be one of four colors. The object of the game is to fill the empty grid by placing the squares so that their bordering colors match. The squares can be rotated with the click of a mouse button or mirrored by pushing a button up at the top of the screen. More points are awarded if you match two or more sides of a square to a group of squares. And if you place a square and match four sides—the crowning achievement—you accomplish ungaria and receive the maximum points.

Here in the original, rotating is done via buttons, too. But the interface was already mouse-driven, and the game required a mouse, still not all that common for original PC games of the time.


  • Author: Oscar Daudt Neto
  • Year: 1991
  • Country of Origin: Brazil


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