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Ragnarok 2.5

A roguelike game with graphics, set in Norse mythology. The European version (which had music) was known as Valhalla. Ragnarok was originally a commercial project, but at some point the authors declared it freeware. You can thus download the full version here.

The downloads contains two manuals: MAN_WORD.DOC is obviously a text file imported into Word 2.0 and saved as a DOC. It will open in WordPad and is perfectly readable in a standard text editor, too. HB_WHOLE.DOC, nearly three times the size, is an elaborate Word 2.0 document (lots of tables) and will not necessarily open in anything else. It can be viewed in Open Office 3.2.


  • Concept: Roguelike
  • Authors: Thomas Boyd, Rob Vawter
  • Year: 1995
  • Country of Origin: USA


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